Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Share = Good

Surfing the net is like finding money on the street. I am always tickled at the cool things I find and then wonder immediately if anyone else knows they exist. Do I share them? Really not as often as I should, so here for all to see are the Internet finds that are rocking my boat this week.

100 Great Tips to Improve Your Life

Number 1 of this list was so brilliant, I can't wait to read the remaining 99.

Frazier and Wing Mobiles
I love the concept of recycled art, but often feel I would never have it in my home. Until I saw these mobiles. Now I am eagerly awaiting the next rainy day when I can spend 6 hours flipping through and cutting up old magazines to make my own creations. I think I may try some vintage National Geographic. You know the ones with the really cool tint on the pages.

FD's Flickr Toys

100 more reasons to start uploading to my long neglected Flickr account. (Check out the cool pass I made for North)

Color Hunter

Color makes me happy. So if you don't yet have a personal color palette, this is the place to go.

It's like having an incredibly hip cool decorator friend who sends you link, pictures and advice all day long.

Happiness Project
Not totally sure what to make of this site yet, but one thing for sure, I can't stop reading it.


suttonhoo said...

my dear friend, lover of pom-pon animals and fresh garden goodness, I think you're going to like this »

enyasi said...

ARGGHHGHGHG can you imagine opening your lunch bag to find one of these... :-)

Anonymous said...

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