Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Garage Sale War Stories

I love stories and stories of garage sale finds are some of my favorites... Check out Antique Road Show Stories for some great inspiring tales.

My Personal Favorite Finds of All Time:
  • 1918 Knitting and Crochet book complete with patterns to make for soldiers
  • 1950s Knitting Pattern book with amazing hats and sweaters
  • Vintage 1950's table cloths in their original packaging
  • Box of ladies vintage handkerchiefs for 10 cents each
  • A bulldog hat pin 1960's for only 25cents (my sweetie collects them and loves dogs)


suttonhoo said...

I love it when you blog. I miss you when you don't.

and happy belated birthday, btw. sucks being so far away -- when I blow it by missing important dates I feel like an even bigger asshat.

re favorite finds: a hardwood standing mirror for $5; and an asian bamboo steamer -- the basket kind with three tiers -- for $3. doggoneit if I didn't scorch it by letting the pan burn dry...

and then there was the most comfortable recliner in the world that I found for $10 the morning I told myself: "I'm going to find a comfortable chair for my office today for $10". I wish I wish I wish I'd gotten crafty and reupholstered that chair in polarfleece the way I wanted to. god that was a comfortable chair.

enyasi said...

Not to worry I almost missed this one myself. You are not an asshat, even though I love that word.. we use it at work all the time...

As for the recliner... bravo for the power of positive thinking... Not to worry, the spirits of amazing garage sale finds will shine on you again... and as for reupholstering, a staple gun will work wonders... warm fuzzies..

Auberta said...

Good words.