Thursday, March 22, 2007

Photo Fun

I am having the greatest time with my digital camera. Not sure why I waited so long to get one. This is actually 5 photos laid together to create a panoramic view of my back yard. Consider it a before shot gardening season officially began for me last weekend.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Growing a Movement: The Peace Garden

Despite the rain and occasional blasts of cold air, it is quite clear that spring is about to explode all over the PNW. At this point I am pretty sure that the early spring has been brought about by sheer force of will; a collective wish from the thousands of us weary of the winter.

I am fond of planting plants in memory and honor of the people I love. For my mother I plant Lilacs and for my great aunt roses. As an ode to my childhood I plant Lady’s Mantle. (I think it looks like clusters of Chartreuse fairies when it is in bloom and that reminds me of being a little girl). I planted an Olive tree in a pot one year, a horticultural cry for peace. It is not fairing so well in its lonely little pot, so this year I think I might give it company by planting a Peace Garden.

During WWI and WWII Victory Gardens were planted throughout the US and UK as a way to boost the morale of citizens, supplement rationed food stores and take some of the pressure off of food supplies stretched thin by the war effort. But I don’t want to support the war. Don’t get me wrong, I support our troops but want them home rather than fighting and dying.

A Peace Garden is about life. It is about celebrating the things that bring us all together. It is about earth, air, water, food and sun. It is about memories of the past, hopes for the future and the ability to be present in your own environment.

Imagine this…

What if everyone with space (yard, patio or windowsill) planted a Peace Garden?

Tending those gardens would lower their blood pressure and relieve stress. Children who tended these gardens would learn compassion reducing their likelihood for violence as they grow older. The food they grew would be a healthy addition to their diets; extra food (like Zucchini) could be donated to local food banks reducing hunger. Some of the flowers grown in these gardens could be shared with neighbors, strengthening community. Of course Peace Gardens are organic and the greenery would provide an environment for backyard wildlife. Collectively, all the good Karma from these Peace Gardens would elevate humanity to a higher state. And finally Global warming would be completely reversed due to the abundance of new plant life. Okay I am totally reaching here… but it would still be amazing…

Tuesday, March 6, 2007