Monday, November 26, 2012

What did they find on Mars?

I am totally enjoying all the speculation about the big secret they found on Mars. My money is on organic matter of some sort..the suspense is quite fun as are all the guesses.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Top Chef Seattle

Top Chef, People seem to be absolutely nuts about this show.  I have never watched it before, but as it was filmed in Seattle this time I think I will try and catch it.

I also came across this recent article in Fast Company, Creating “Food Porn”: How “Top Chef” Makes Viewers Love Food They Can’t Taste. Food styling has always been an interest of mine and they seem to do it well. Seriously though, if they want to add drama and a level of extreme sport to Top Chef, try cooking a dinner with a barking dog trying to steal scraps and a screaming two year melting down at your feet.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Currently Enjoying ...

I am drunk on autumn and about to head into my second favorite season Christmas.. okay not yet, but having worked in the retail world, anything from September 1st to October 31st was called Falloween and anything from November 1st to December 31st was Christmas.

 A fond memory, When I used to own a store (many moons ago) we would hand out candy to kids on Halloween and then shut down around 6pm and paper the windows. Over the next 4-6 hours we would transform the store into a winter wonderland opening up on November 1st in our full Christmas finery.

So currently I am really enjoying...

  • The Best Podcast for a Slow Day at Work from Apartment Therapy
    {No if only my days were slower so I could actually listen…} 
  • Land of Nod Holiday Catalog
    {I have always loved this store and they are totally delighting my inner Christmas elf with lots of traditional and quirky items made by independent artists. Plus they have how-tos in their look book. }
  • If Money Were No Object What Would You Do... Brain Pickings by way of Mighty Girl
    {This just blew my mind because I really don't want to be doing what I am doing now..and because my next career currently in the works is exactly what I would be doing even if I did not need to earn a living}
  • Planning out my Christmas Decor at Martha
    {We are planning to decorate early this year so we can make the most of the next two months of merriment and insanity.. really the season is too short to enjoy everything..}
  • Rediscovered a site I love,  Hooked on Houses
    {After owning houses for 14 years we are renters once again. A sad serious of events that are turning out to be a great experience.  We really enjoy our rental house and I have finally learned that home is a feeling not just a place.. that said the next place I buy will be a little bit of Heaven.}

Friday, October 5, 2012

Favorite New Show of the Season is the Mindy Project!

At some point watching TV became a luxury.  These days, if I can't tape it or get it on my iPad, I am not watching it.  In fact I have pulled away from most of my favorite shows, (Glee, 30 Rock, Raising Hope) figuring I would catch up with them on DVD... Time is just too precious...  The exception is The Mindy Project.  As fate would have it, one night when utterly brain dead I plopped myself down in front of the TV and to my delight watched the Mindy Project.

She is funny, sexy, smart and (wait for it...) brown and chubby!  The show is hilarious but also makes me feel really good (in an empowering sort of way).  I love when mainstream media busts out of stereotypes and portrays characters I can relate to...

So all you funny, sexy, smart and chubby goddesses (brown or otherwise) Check it out! And keep your fingers crossed for a long run!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Have you used PicMonkey?

Someone please remind me why I paid all that money for PhotoShop!  I just discovered PicMonkey and with it, the realization I don't need professional tools to get the results I want!  I have been putting off redesigning my blog head in part because I did not have PhotoShop for my Mac.  I stumbled across a blurb about PicMonkey and within 30 minutes I had a new blog header and a major crush!  Don't get me wrong, PhotoShop is amazing and all.. just not what I need at this juncture in my life.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My blog needs a makeover....

Taking a break to reevaluate and recreate my blog... 

My theme is going to be along the lines of a favorite tweet.. 

"a large part of succeeding in today's world, is suspending disbelief and plowing on like you simply cannot fail" 

Stay Tuned....