Friday, October 5, 2012

Favorite New Show of the Season is the Mindy Project!

At some point watching TV became a luxury.  These days, if I can't tape it or get it on my iPad, I am not watching it.  In fact I have pulled away from most of my favorite shows, (Glee, 30 Rock, Raising Hope) figuring I would catch up with them on DVD... Time is just too precious...  The exception is The Mindy Project.  As fate would have it, one night when utterly brain dead I plopped myself down in front of the TV and to my delight watched the Mindy Project.

She is funny, sexy, smart and (wait for it...) brown and chubby!  The show is hilarious but also makes me feel really good (in an empowering sort of way).  I love when mainstream media busts out of stereotypes and portrays characters I can relate to...

So all you funny, sexy, smart and chubby goddesses (brown or otherwise) Check it out! And keep your fingers crossed for a long run!

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