Wednesday, November 23, 2011

California Dreaming

I love the idea of the California Lifestyle.  I want to live in California for at least a couple of months at some time in my life, Santa Barbara maybe San Diego or even LA.  Long enough to soak up some serious sun, stay some place gorgeous, sit around and drink macrobiotic vegan shakes and get mani pedis every other day.

For now, I live in Seattle, I drink too much coffee, have a vitamin D deficiency and pruny skin from all the rain.  Not that I am complaining... okay maybe complaining a little. At any rate the site that makes my little waterlogged heart get all sun drenched and go pitter patter is LA in Bloom.  Seriously, the photography makes me swoon and I have already tried one recipe that was amazing.  And the webisode videos that she does are better than anything on TV.

So if you are cold, wet, tired of winter  and live anywhere in the US but Hawaii, this site will not disappoint!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

What to work on first.... a great starting point

One of my favorite blogs posted this list, 50 Ways to Waste a Life. Lately as I have strived to make changes to cultivate a life and lifestyle I love, I have been stuck on what to change first. This list is a great starting point.  I am guilty of far too many things on this list and when you see them spelled out so clearly, it is easy to see how they can hold you back and waste a life.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer was a Picnic.

It was a nice a summer despite the weather. We exposed Pudge to a large variety of activities, but by far her favorite were the picnics. She loves eating outside and lounging on the blanket.  She loves to look at the trees, and as this is one of my favorite things to do as well, I think it is pretty wonderful.

Now that Summer is over, I am beyond excited for my favorite season, Fall.  Priority number one, take care of me!  I have been so busy with work,family, Pudge and all of life's little stresses that I have really neglected taking care of me.  If I was a plant, I would be parched, mummified and close to death.  So, this month to get back on track I am taking a few days off, catching my breath and seeking some new directions.  Stay tuned...

Monday, August 22, 2011

And so it begins... again.. the return of Fall Cooking

I generally don't cook in the summer.  Yes, I know how weird that sounds, but I can't stand being hot.  The idea of a hot kitchen on even a mildly warm day just sounds awful.  I basically assemble and reheat...  Salads, simple casseroles and anything that can be boiled.  But the other day I saw this recipe for Lemon Olive Oil Cake and could not get it out of my head or rather out of my mouth.. I swear I could almost taste it. And after reading the post and recipe a zillion times, I stayed up late one night and baked the cake.  Mine  was quite dense (no self-rising flour in the cupboards) but still delicious.  Then this weekend I made Paella, the way I like it, (a little spicy, a little wet and with lots of chicken). Now I am dreaming of onions.. Walla Walla Sweet Onions are in season and as soon as the temperature drops I will be cooking up something yummy.

Typical Toddler Meal for Pudge
Of course the other reason to start cooking, Pudge loves food.  She is especially fond of baked goods and cheese.  I make her some quick muffins (rice flour, low sugar) but it is time to start expanding her diet.  I want her to love food, all kinds.  I believe a love of food starts early.  And the desire to try new things come from a diverse diet when you are young.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Things We Do For Love...

I have no doubts whatsoever what I would do for our little bundle of joy.  Things I would have run screaming from 14 months ago, I now do without hesitation.  Case in point.... The NoseFrida, the infamous Swedish Snotsucker.  Look at the picture and you have some idea of how it works.  This is basically a plastic straw with some tubing.. (and yes I paid $15 bucks for this...) But, I don't even think of the money or how gross this is, when I know how much relief it gives to a toddler who has not yet learned to blow their nose.  Anyone needing a baby shower gift, this is the best one ever!!! Practical, shocking and under $20. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What would I do without the Internet?

Just read this amazing article on Blogher, Balancing on the Limbs of the Working Mother Issue, she summed up what it took me months to accept and stand up for….

I am lucky enough to have been to France 3 times with plans to eventually visit again.  In the meantime, I am LOVING Design Mom and her year-long adventure of living in France. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pudge is on Odeedoh Apartment Therapy

I am a big Apartment Therapy fan and am especially fond of their children's site, Odeedoh.  I love the tours of children's room, but really enjoy reading the Happy Birthday Wishes.  I kept telling myself, one day, I will be able to wish my own child Happy Birthday on Odeedoh.  Well that day has finally come.  Although I submitted Pudge's Birthday Wish in May, she was just selected and is gracing the pages of Ohdeedoh today.  So happy to wish her happy birthday and also happy to realize that voicing a wish is the first step in making it come true.

Check it out at

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I should do laundry, I should clean, I should make lunch for tomorrow, did I mention I really should clean... but instead:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Appreciating the View

Snapped during a walk on the beach, with Haven of course.  Although it would be lovely to have a view of the water from my window, as long as I can see the water everyday I am happy.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Totem Animals and Signs From Above

If I believed in such things as totem animals and signs from above, I would swear that whenever I am on the right path I see a hummingbird.

Today, taking Pudge for a stroll in the park, I listened to the breeze and the birds, marveled at all the green, sneaked peeks of the water and thanked every higher power I could think of for the little girl I get to share it all with.

Pudge drifted off to sleep and I just walked until I could see no one and the only man-made sound I heard were the wheels of the stroller. 

I just kept thinking that despite the current challenges and problems in my life, things will get better and I can choose to live the life I want. And then as if to say “that’s it keep going”, was a hummingbird….

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

My New Favorite Blog

Ever have one of those days where every message or sign you see is speaking directly to you.  I feel that way every time I read this blog.

Marc and Angel Hack Life: Practical Tips for Productive Living

I reread some of these post over and over again, when I need a little kick in the pants. Feeling a little blue or unfulfilled?  Check out

20 Things Life is Too Short To Tolerate

10 Surefire Ways To Live Below Your Full Potential

10 Commandments for a Good Life

I have been very unfocused lately and many of their post have been helpful in lighting my way.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wise Words

Loving this quote I saw at Da*Xing:

Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself.  Life Is About Creating Yourself. Unknown

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stress x 10

The bad weather, absence of sleep and lack of exercise have amplified the stress in my life.  It can be hard to even breath when you feel squeezed from all sides, but breathing can be the most important thing you do in a stressful situation.  So I am taking some deep breaths.

I have also been trying some positive visualization as an alternative to my normal disaster forecasting.  At the moment, my favorite visualization exercise is to imagine your life (the one you are striving for) as a magazine spread.  Glossy happy photos, neat rows of text describing how capable, brilliant, brave, successful  you are (insert your favorite adjective) and a giant drop quote summing it all up.

The magazine spread I keep imagining is pretty elaborate, but looks a tiny bit like this...(below).  The main gist is that finally I have the spark I needed to move on, work through and start being who I want to be... It might seem silly, but this and a little breathing is helping me to stay positive and not give in to doubt and worry...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

One of those days.. in a good way!

This time of year, wet and cold is the basic forecast we have in the Pacific Northwest. The meteorologist try to make it sound interesting using such phrases as  mist, mixed precipitation, light drizzle, balmy, light breeze and my favorite, sun breaks.  They all say the same thing, wet and cold.  My first winter here, I heard a forecast that said rain expected through March. This is really the Seattle winter forecast in a nutshell.

So, despite the "balmy mixed precipitation", today I bundled up Pudge and made my way to the Starbucks on the waterfront not too far from our house.  I had a grande nonfat iced mocha with a single shot of decaf, 2 pumps of chocolate and low ice (this is my drink of choice and yes, I am one of those people) and Pudge had a bottle.  I sat her in my lap and we looked out the window and chatted about the view.   (I chatted, she babbled and people starred).  It was really rather nice and I was enjoying myself immensely when out of nowhere, the most amazing thing happened... the sun came out.  (Seattle, winter... trust me sun is a big deal). So we started our day with coffee, a bottle and a walk along the beach. What could be better?
Okay maybe some heat :-)   

Saturday, January 8, 2011

So good you want to lick the screen...

Lactation Cookies
I am a huge fan of food blogs. Actually, I like food books, food magazines and just food in general.  When my daily fare starts to look a little sad, I frequently turn to the web for inspiration. 1.) Because cupcake closeups look so good on my big screen and 2.) Because looking up a recipe at work really isn't goofing off. (I mean a girl has to eat and the grocery store is on the way home )

Lately I noticed my selection of food blogs had gotten a little stale, so I did some updating.  I wiped everything off my list except my favorites, 

To those, I added my new favorites, 

My favorite recipe of 2010 was actually medicinal.  The Lactation Cookie Recipe was circulated all over the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when Pudge was in the hospital.  Made with flax seed, oatmeal and brewer's yeast, the cookie is said to aid in lactation and help boost your milk supply. A medicinal cookie that helps me feed my little baby... sign me up.  Nowadays, Pudge is doing great, but I still love these cookies.  Aside from the health benefits nothing is funnier than handing someone a cookie and casually mentioning they are lactation cookies (preferably when they have a nice mouthful).  One gentleman at the hospital was concerned that having eaten a cookie he might start lactating.."um no!"  So if you are feeling wicked, or could actually benefit from the healthy ingredients, by all means give them a try. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Vacation Day...

Had the day off today and spent it monkeying around with Pudge.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Craft of the Season

I have always been a big fan of mobiles and opted for a blank DIY mobile for Pudge's room, so we could change the theme each season.  We had fall leaves up for a long time and I have been meaning to adapt an idea I saw at a Amuse, local stamp shop.  With a little tweaking I was able to create a little brown girl mobile, complete with afro puffs.