Wednesday, November 23, 2011

California Dreaming

I love the idea of the California Lifestyle.  I want to live in California for at least a couple of months at some time in my life, Santa Barbara maybe San Diego or even LA.  Long enough to soak up some serious sun, stay some place gorgeous, sit around and drink macrobiotic vegan shakes and get mani pedis every other day.

For now, I live in Seattle, I drink too much coffee, have a vitamin D deficiency and pruny skin from all the rain.  Not that I am complaining... okay maybe complaining a little. At any rate the site that makes my little waterlogged heart get all sun drenched and go pitter patter is LA in Bloom.  Seriously, the photography makes me swoon and I have already tried one recipe that was amazing.  And the webisode videos that she does are better than anything on TV.

So if you are cold, wet, tired of winter  and live anywhere in the US but Hawaii, this site will not disappoint!!!!

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