Tuesday, July 29, 2008

She's Back...

Yesterday, after more than 6 weeks of torture, I picked up my computer from the shop. I was so happy I almost cried in the parking lot and after months of sheer bitchiness (due only in small part to the computer), I have begun to feel pretty good.

Poor health, stress, job woes , lack of exercise, PMS and chocolate deficiencies have resulted in the worst funk I have experienced in years... In fact, I do not remember being this sick of myself since I was 25 (almost 15 years ago).

As I could barely stand to be around myself.. I am not sure how anyone else managed... Except to say.. my partner is a saint... and the dogs wanted treats... The cat has taken to just biting me randomly (cats are quite frank about their true feelings) and at the worst, I took to arguing with complete strangers in stores and public venues.

In short, I became that bitchy person we all dislike and pity...You know the one. She flies into a rage if something is mismarked in the store, she glares at strangers in the elevators, shakes her head with disgust at crying children, berates people at every turn, steps on daisies, kicks puppies, squashes lady bugs and eventually.. The horror... votes Republican because what does it matter anyway..

Luckily I am on the mend before I could do anything so heinous as the last few things described above.

To recover,

I have immersed myself in the healing power of crafts... We'll mostly I am just stroking my beloved ribbons and organizing my pencils, but any day now I am going to make something and it is going to be GREAT.

I am taking a class. Intermediate Skirt Making at a local alternative sewing shop, Stitches. I think that the 40's and 50's were some of the best times for clothing, so I am going with a 50's style silver and Grey polka dot cocktail skirt, complete with Crinoline petticoat. (pictures are on the way).

I have started back to the gym on early mornings. This has been a challenge, but I must say, after only a few visits, I found that if I did not go, I missed it terribly.

I am wearing brighter colors, not sure when all the black crept back into my wardrobe.

and finally, I am embracing the fact.. that it is never too late to become the person you might have been.