Sunday, June 25, 2006


I just saw the movie Signs by M. Night Shyamalan on TV. I saw it in the theatres but was not able to get as much of the message, on account that I was scared sh*tless. I love this film...

On the surface, it is this truly believable amazing alien invasion picture, but on a deeper level, truly the whole movie is about having faith. So of course it got me thinking and I realized that faith is a force that exist beyond religion (meaning it does not matter what religion you believe)

... Faith is the energy produced when you believe in something bigger than yourself. It is trusting the universe and believing that you have a place in that universe. The energy generated by faith will light the darkest of times, energize you when you think you can't go another step and guide you to a better future no matter how bleak your present may be.

So if your cup is running a little low do yourself a favor and see this film...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

To Craft...

My latest creation
I came to craft fairly late in life. Of course like everyone, I had my share of childhood popsicle stick creations, expressionist playdoh ash trays and macaroni sculpture. And although I am sure I enjoyed all of these projects, none were done for the reasons I craft today.

I came to craft in the weeks following my mother’s death; a beautiful woman with an infectious laugh, kind manner, optimistic outlook and the ability to create anything with barely any resources or supplies. For years I watched her transform; found junk into high end home décor, inexpensive generic clothes into runway fashions and simple everyday items into one of a kind masterpieces. Not exactly your traditional crafter, her tools of choice were a stapler, glue gun and a keen eye for style. When she passed on, the world crashed down around me and everything went dark. Suffice to say , we all take the death of a loved one hard… but I did not want to take it at all. If not for the love of family, friends and an amazing partner, I am not sure where I would be.

In the beginning, the first things to penetrate my darkness were colors. I had taken many of my mother’s things with me and I often fixated on the colors as I stared blankly at a vase, pillow or item of clothing. From there pictures, my mother had hundreds and I thought it important to share them with others. The problem, I didn’t want to part with any of them, and thought it pretty cold to just send my grandmother pages of scanned duplicates.

I found a scrap book and began to create a funny book of pictures and sayings. It took well over 100 hours and with each cut of the scissors, and swipe of the glue, I found myself smiling and laughing. And when I imagined how happy my grandmother would be to receive this, I felt even better.

Over the next 3 years, I fell in love with colors, textures, paper, cloth, yarn and glue. My partner and I opened a store and created a business. I learned to knit. I learned Photoshop. I started wearing bright colors. I took flower arranging classes. And I started to sketch. But most importantly, I found my mother again. She laughed with me while I created, she smiled at me when I wore a new creation, applauded me when I learned a new skill and hugged me when I gave a handmade gift.

We all come to craft for some reason. Maybe it is a desire for some thing we can’t afford a quest for some item that can’t be purchased or a need to work with our hands. Or maybe, like me it is a need to frame our sorrows and loss with a handmade gilded creation, to lift the darkness with a coat of fresh paint, wrap our aching spirits in a knitted shawl, to adorn our souls with buttons and glitter and to not only wear our hearts for all to see, but to also trim them with ribbons

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We Never Really Blog Alone...

I love our pets, all 5 of them. HOWEVER one of our dogs has some "strange" habits. He can bark at volumes rarely achieved without a megaphone, he has a strange and unnatural love of pillows, despises humming and sneezing with a passion and thinks that every time he sees you it will be his last.

But the habit that perplexes me the most happens only when I use the computer. He parks himself behind a chair or stack of books and just watches me... Sometimes he will edge quietly closer and closer and when I look up, he is sitting a few feet from me, just starring. Don't get me wrong, he is sweet and affectionate, (especially since the meds have kicked in), it’s just a little unnerving when you are trying to write.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Inspired by the beautiful post on Detritus, here is my own loving post for my Dad...

When I think of my Dad, I think of his sick but amazing sense of humour (which I inherited), his ability to make everything sound fascinating (which sparked my own love of science)and Lamentations Of The Father:
Laws Concerning Food and Drink, and Household Principles by by Ian Frazier
(Beautifully performed on this episode of This American Life).

Happy Father's Day

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Happy Birthday to Me!

At some point in our lives we realize we have very little control of the world around us, but total control of how we interact with that world. If you are lucky, that realization comes at a time in your life, when you can make the most of it. I have been blessed with such luck.

There is a great saying, “That life may not be the party you wished for, but while you are here you might as well dance”. So, the thing we all must determine is what type of dance we will dance. Will it be a sedate and restrained two step keeping time with the popular beat? Or will we throw our hands in the air; spin, twirl and move with ultimate abandonment to a song we feel and hear. In this my 37th year, I choose the latter dance. I choose jubilation instead of sadness, zest instead of indifference, and celebration instead of regret. I choose to dance like I am a child, no one is watching and every song I hear is my favorite.

To my past… triumphs, mistakes, losses, joys and pains, I have nothing but gratitude; because regardless of where I could be without them, I would not be here. To the ones I love but at the moment can’t reach, know that you share my journey and are with me every step of the way.

This year I promise:

  • To erase the word “can’t” from my vocabulary

  • To rejoice in the simple pleasures of everyday things and sensations

  • To savor every bite of food and eat what I love, not just what I crave

  • To never go a day without gazing at the sky

  • To acknowledge the real severity of every situation and act accordingly

  • To remember that with time & attention my own life is more exciting than anything on TV

  • To secure my own air mask before helping those around me

  • To drink water like a fish, stretch like a cat and sleep like a baby

  • To not give apologies unless they are requested or warranted

  • To remember that the best things in life aren’t on cable or on sale

  • To practice love as a verb

  • To share my gratitude and happiness with the universe in whatever way feels right

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Stop me before I watch again....

Yes!!!! I am addicted... I watch at least 5 episodes per week which is an improvement over my 10 show per week habit I developed last winter. What am I talking about?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Confession Time: Yoga Will Change My Life

You ever just know that something will have a profound effect on your life. You sense it, feel it... that thing pops up all the time and your sub conscious just knows it has an important meaning for you.

Okay, so here is the thing. At my deepest core, I KNOW that Yoga will have a great and positive impact on my life. This has nothing to do with anything I have read or seen on TV, I just know it. A strong unrelenting sense... an understanding that if I follow this path (take up Yoga) good things will happen. "So", you ask "do I practice Yoga?"
I am sorry to say, but the answer is no. When the signs would pop up, or I felt strongly pulled towards it, I would ignore it or find an excuse why I could not possibly take up Yoga.

But now... I feel myself once again strongly drawn towards Yoga... and that little sense of mine is telling me this is the last chance. "Ignore this at your peril" my little voice says "This is your last chance to take this particular road to health". So I am relenting and embracing Yoga as my path back to health.

From how I understand it, I live mostly in my head and my body has become this cranky chauffer that just carries my thoughts around. Friends tell me that Yoga will help me to unite the two (body and mind) and learn to live in the present.

Wish me luck....

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Becoming Your Own Media Mogul

Who says you need the backing of a network to become a media mogul. I just got turned on to Pink of Perfection from today's post on

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

My New Addiction

Help, I am stuck on I can't look away... Damn!!!! There is some serious and scary talent out there.

More Proof of the Power of Pink

This song by Pink is beautiful and powerful. A fitting anthem for scary times.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Quelle belle langue

French is such a lovely language. Aside from ordering coffee (café svp) I don't speak it yet, but plan to learn more sometime soon. Imagine knowing how to speak it, but being forbidden to do so.... Last week's nytimes article a constant reminder that discrimination knows no color, age, shape, size, sense or reason.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Pink "I"

For a long time the colorpink was a my secret joy, a color I loved but would never wear or embrace for fear that others would find my love of it proof that I was not to be taken seriously.

Thanks to various pink colored incidents and the words of those wiser than me, I have learned to embrace pink a color of soft quiet power. Pink, the red of passion tinged with the white of innocents.. what a lovely blend... Need a dose?

Friday, June 2, 2006

Art Lover

There is something about paint on canvas, color calling forth an emotion, form evoking memories.. Here is a great site to dabble a bit, without the mess... Try it, you'll like it.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

The Link Less Clicked..

My apologies to Mr.Frost, but ....

Two links dangled on the web and I..
took the one less clicked
and this has made all the difference..

It amazes me how a click of a mouse can lead me down a hidden path dotted at every spot with delightful sites I never knew existed. And who gets the blame for my delightful hour long jaunt down procrastination lane??? Why Suttonhoo. So in the interest of fair play I am here to return the favor...

So here in exact order is an hours worth of procrastination FUN!

  1. It started with a harmless email.. "thought you would like this and all". Of course on my end it was love at first sight

  2. A click away and I am off again.. Buttons seems to be a theme this week

  3. Then tucked away at the bottom of the page, I spied

  4. And like a dieter in the candy aisle, I was off on a blogging binge ...

  5. Just one more... the dogs don't really need to eat

  6. Must... *sigh*.. #Gasp# tear myself away.. !arghhh the blogs are too strong

  7. Just one more.. I will quit on Monday I swear... well maybe not Monday

  8. *help*

  9. That can't be the time?

  10. And... finally I am free....