Saturday, June 17, 2006


Happy Birthday to Me!

At some point in our lives we realize we have very little control of the world around us, but total control of how we interact with that world. If you are lucky, that realization comes at a time in your life, when you can make the most of it. I have been blessed with such luck.

There is a great saying, “That life may not be the party you wished for, but while you are here you might as well dance”. So, the thing we all must determine is what type of dance we will dance. Will it be a sedate and restrained two step keeping time with the popular beat? Or will we throw our hands in the air; spin, twirl and move with ultimate abandonment to a song we feel and hear. In this my 37th year, I choose the latter dance. I choose jubilation instead of sadness, zest instead of indifference, and celebration instead of regret. I choose to dance like I am a child, no one is watching and every song I hear is my favorite.

To my past… triumphs, mistakes, losses, joys and pains, I have nothing but gratitude; because regardless of where I could be without them, I would not be here. To the ones I love but at the moment can’t reach, know that you share my journey and are with me every step of the way.

This year I promise:

  • To erase the word “can’t” from my vocabulary

  • To rejoice in the simple pleasures of everyday things and sensations

  • To savor every bite of food and eat what I love, not just what I crave

  • To never go a day without gazing at the sky

  • To acknowledge the real severity of every situation and act accordingly

  • To remember that with time & attention my own life is more exciting than anything on TV

  • To secure my own air mask before helping those around me

  • To drink water like a fish, stretch like a cat and sleep like a baby

  • To not give apologies unless they are requested or warranted

  • To remember that the best things in life aren’t on cable or on sale

  • To practice love as a verb

  • To share my gratitude and happiness with the universe in whatever way feels right


suttonhoo said...

hands in the air, baby! brilliant manifesto. happy, happy birthday, beautiful, beautiful girl. :)

enyasi said...

A BIG HEARTY THANKS!!!! I feel so proud of this manifesto.... It is so good to be an adult and realize you have control.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Littlebrowngirl 2.0.

I adore the poem that is you. I read your words again and again. I slide and ride round and round with you like an amusement park ride.

You words reach into the depth of your own soul, then take a warm, loving part of yourself and place it into my soul. I am nourished.

Thank you my dear,

From your loving Anonymous Auntie