Monday, March 27, 2006

Our Lady of Haberdashery

Every so often I stumble across some little project I totally love... I have a handbag fetish.. No,not expensive Kate Spade leather things, but simple sweet not practical cute bags... So of course I was delighted when I tried the Tote Bag 101 Tutorial from Super Eggplant and the results were fabulous.

I have made 8 bags in the last two weeks... Most have been given away as gifts, but the one I made for myself is so cool I am going to make more in other sizes and colors. I have this total thing for vintage ribbons, buttons, handkerchiefs, trim and such... What the British so lovingly call haberdashery. And I am quite sure that with a little more practice these bags will be the perfect canvas for my little collections of haberdashery.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Church of Craft

There is something so spiritual about making something... I spent the better part of today making two gifts for a friend and a family member. Tote bag style purses made of upholstery fabric lined with bright cotton, one sporting buttons the other a fabric flower.

It thrills me to make things with my hands. I feel alive, useful and brilliant. Even if the finished craft is not perfect the sheer act of creating makes me feel wonderful..

Surprisingly my crafting is one of the few areas in my life where my desire for perfection does not exist.... Flaws are an important part of the creative process

Friday, March 24, 2006

What's in a name.. Contemplations on Color

You Know You Are A Color Snob When.....

So my secret is out... I have *gasp* white walls in my living room.. No it is not a cleansing soft white like Cloud or Snowdrift, it is more like primer. And the reason we have white walls... Because I can't seem to find the perfect shade for the living room. Right now I am quite partial to Devine Blue, but I am afraid it might be too light.. I also like this color, but suspect it might be too blue... So until I find the perfect shade.. I suffer with white...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Thing About Looking Ahead.....

The thing about looking ahead, is you don't often see the things that are at your feet. The same can be said to the future... looking to the future can keep you from seeing your present.

Today was the second day of spring. I was so busy, that I missed the first day Today for the first time I noticed that our lilac tree was sprouting little bits of green and that our ornamental cherry was raining blossoms like pink snow.Also noticed that our yard looks like an abandoned rugby field Note to self: fix this ASAP!

Normally I look forward to this time all year.. where every tree looks like a painting and the cold has subsided enough that I can actually taste and smell the sun in the air. Lately though, I have been so focused on my future.. that I have neglected to enjoy the moments that make up the here and now.

It's not what if, it's what now. ~Author Unknown

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Google on Mars

I imagine working at Google is like sitting around with your really cool, geeky friends and thinking up neat things to do... Not because these things make money, but just because it would be really neat to do them..

I think there latest little project is pretty nifty. It is just nice to know that when we actually get to visit Mars, it will really easy to find all the great tourist destinations.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Secret Love Affair with Country

"Hello my name is Pamela and I like country music" ... Somehow I imagine saying this in a dimly lit basement and then bowing my head in shame, as I am welcomed by the other addicts at the 12 step program for Black people who enjoy country music.

Just to be clear, I don't like all country music, but quite often I find myself tuning in to CMT (Country Music Television) or scanning the dials for a suitable station. I love Alison Krauss and Leanne Rhimes and of course the Dixie Chicks. But there are others...

I love the stories the songs tell. I love how happiness and good times are often expressed in these songs as being with family, doing simple home type things. I love songs that invoke emotions and country music is full of these.

Now I like other types of music too. In fact my taste in music runs the gamut from flamenco guitar to jazz. Recently I have started confessing my interest in country music to others.. And surprisingly they don't run in horror, but give me a sympathetic nod.

In this country where so many have adopted the music, arts, and culture of others why has country music remained so elusive to the masses?

I just saw Walk the Line and will most likely buy the soundtrack. The Oscar nod and all the hype were in my opinion well deserved. Perhaps as movies like this continue to enthrall the general public, my interest in country music will be shared by others.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The best book I ever tasted....

I have never been one of those "I'll just have a salad" kinds of girls. I love food. I love the texture, taste, smells, preparing it, growing it, buying it etc...

Up until last month, I had been stuck in a food rut. It is amazing what 4 weeks of consecutive rain will do to your palate. By the 2nd week all I wanted was warm soup, bread and oatmeal. By week 4, pretty much oatmeal was the only thing that warmed me enough to be satisfying.

Enter Ruth Reichl’s Comfort Me with Apples, a book that will convince you that you have never really taken the time to taste food. In her book, food tastes of textures, places, history, colors and emotions. Flavors peak at different places in your mouth and invoke responses usually reserved for sex and other intense emotional experiences. I greatly suspect that reading this book will increase the pleasure of every culinary experience from now until the end of time. And yes, I know I am pouring it on thicker than oatmeal on a rainy day… But trust me she deserves it.

So once again, I am in love with food

My current favorite recipe this week, is Red Snapper in Crazy Water: Acqua Pazza . I tell my significant other that it is an Italian fish soup, some how crazy water does not sound too appetizing. The flavors are simply fragrant....The perfect mix of salty fish and sweet tomato. It tastes like sunshine in the Italian Mediterranean... sigh...

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Something to love, something to do and something to look forward to…

The other day after a night of restless sleep and odd dreams I woke up with the realization that something wonderful some good thing would happen this week. Experience has taught me to trust these feeling so of course I found myself excited and giddy.

Perhaps the good thing would be money, a trip or my dream job but the week progressed and nothing happened. I found myself fearing my good thing would be something lame and disappointing. I would find a parking space right in front of my destination and find myself silently hoping that this was not the good thing.

Then yesterday on my way from lunch, I was listening to the local NPR affiliate, KUOW. The program was about happiness (listen here). A caller recounted a card she had received, that said, happiness was:

Something to love,
something to do,
and something to look forward to…

As I considered what these things would be for me… I came to a realization and made a decision. (Which I shall mention another time...) Of course a split second later, I realized that this was my good thing….

So what was my point? Nothing, but it really does make you think….

Something to love,
something to do,
and something to look forward to…