Monday, March 27, 2006

Our Lady of Haberdashery

Every so often I stumble across some little project I totally love... I have a handbag fetish.. No,not expensive Kate Spade leather things, but simple sweet not practical cute bags... So of course I was delighted when I tried the Tote Bag 101 Tutorial from Super Eggplant and the results were fabulous.

I have made 8 bags in the last two weeks... Most have been given away as gifts, but the one I made for myself is so cool I am going to make more in other sizes and colors. I have this total thing for vintage ribbons, buttons, handkerchiefs, trim and such... What the British so lovingly call haberdashery. And I am quite sure that with a little more practice these bags will be the perfect canvas for my little collections of haberdashery.

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