Thursday, June 1, 2006

The Link Less Clicked..

My apologies to Mr.Frost, but ....

Two links dangled on the web and I..
took the one less clicked
and this has made all the difference..

It amazes me how a click of a mouse can lead me down a hidden path dotted at every spot with delightful sites I never knew existed. And who gets the blame for my delightful hour long jaunt down procrastination lane??? Why Suttonhoo. So in the interest of fair play I am here to return the favor...

So here in exact order is an hours worth of procrastination FUN!

  1. It started with a harmless email.. "thought you would like this and all". Of course on my end it was love at first sight

  2. A click away and I am off again.. Buttons seems to be a theme this week

  3. Then tucked away at the bottom of the page, I spied

  4. And like a dieter in the candy aisle, I was off on a blogging binge ...

  5. Just one more... the dogs don't really need to eat

  6. Must... *sigh*.. #Gasp# tear myself away.. !arghhh the blogs are too strong

  7. Just one more.. I will quit on Monday I swear... well maybe not Monday

  8. *help*

  9. That can't be the time?

  10. And... finally I am free....


1 comment:

Anali said...

I thought I left a comment before, but I guess it didn't stick or I hallucinated it. Anyway, great post. It reminds me of Hansel and Gretel leaving bread crumbs to figure out there way back. Great sites. I just saved a bunch of them!