Sunday, May 29, 2011

Totem Animals and Signs From Above

If I believed in such things as totem animals and signs from above, I would swear that whenever I am on the right path I see a hummingbird.

Today, taking Pudge for a stroll in the park, I listened to the breeze and the birds, marveled at all the green, sneaked peeks of the water and thanked every higher power I could think of for the little girl I get to share it all with.

Pudge drifted off to sleep and I just walked until I could see no one and the only man-made sound I heard were the wheels of the stroller. 

I just kept thinking that despite the current challenges and problems in my life, things will get better and I can choose to live the life I want. And then as if to say “that’s it keep going”, was a hummingbird….

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