Thursday, August 2, 2007

Heat Induced Mania

Like some flammable gas, heat brings my drama up to all time dangerous levels. As the temperature rises just like water, my little drama molecules begin to speed up banging together and eventually escaping, not as steam, but as projectile drama and heat induced mania. This is exactly what happened tonight...

The first night in a long time I found myself not having to work into mid evening. Not wanting to waste a second but totally agitated by the heat I did the following between the hours of 6-9pm

  1. Watched CSI- (seen this one 50 times so it barely held my interests)
  2. Yanked out painting supplies and canvases
  3. Convinced reluctant partner to join me for a Pollack inspired painting session
  4. Painted lovely picture called four seasons- (guess what it is about) hers much more Pollack like than mine
  5. Cleaned up supplies and set out paintings to dry
  6. Watered garden- (front bed needs to be mulched but I am holding out for cooler weather)
  7. Ate dinner- (My wonderful partner made a casserole with chili (homemade chili, rice, salsa, cheese and guacamole) - ate too much...
  8. Grabbed magazines and designed Thank you card scrap book project for my grandmother- (must find time to actually make this over the weekend)
  9. Vacuumed house (upstairs) loving our new million dollar Oreck (not quite a million, but almost!)
  10. Back outside to pick remaining onions and garlic from garden (lord forbid they stay in the ground another second)
  11. Impressed the hell out of myself with how lovely garlic(very tiny but edible) and onions look- set them out to cure in the now setting sun
  12. Turned on computer- called guy from craigslist on a whim about a 1962 Nash Metropolitan- convinced myself and partner (although she might just be humoring me) this is a great deal.. (yes the middle of a remodel is a perfect time to buy a project car) then proceed to make arrangements to see car, possibly tow and find help to restore it
  13. Download and send digital pictures from our weekend trip to Partner's Aunt's Farm (vintage tractor is killer!)
  14. Silently berate myself for not getting anything done
  15. Decide I am exhausted and go off to shower and blog

Did I mention I hate the heat!!!! Got to go, think I can get in a few more things before I loose consciousness.


suttonhoo said...

lol -- you go girl! there's nothing a little lemonade won't put right -- then you can get right back at it. :)

Anali said...

Hey Enyasi! I like the new look on your blog! You've been hard at work! I hope that things cool down. It's been super hot here too!

enyasi said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies... Stay cool :-)