Friday, August 31, 2007

Profound Discovery 1-4

Profound Discovery # 1

Nothing gets you from where you are, to where you want to be faster than action.
Saying I want to do something, planning to do something, even buying things in preparation to do something far fall and pathetically short of actually doing that something.

Profound Discovery # 2

Consistently perform any action and you will see results.
These results can be positive or negative, depending on the action, but rest assured if you perform something consistently you will see results.

Profound Discovery # 3

Action * Consistency = Change
If you seek change; determine what you want and the best action taken to get there and then perform that action consistently until change occurs. Once change has occurred you will need to consistently perform that action to maintain.

Profound Discovery # 4

How you live is essential to your happiness.
It does not matter how much money you have, where you live, your social standing or marital status. It is how you live, love, laugh, breath, absorb, navigate and exists in the world around you. Ignore the HOW and nothing else will matter.

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suttonhoo said...

and profound.

needed to hear this right. now.

thanks, friend.