Saturday, August 4, 2007

P-Patch # 2

P-Patches are the community gardens in the Seattle area. I love the concept of a community garden and personally I feel that gardening should be a required course for all children in grade and high school. Gardening teaches compassion for living things and an understanding of how truly precious plants are to our survival.

This summer I have challenged myself to visit and photograph 10 P-Patches. When I walk through one, I am so totally relaxed. I just click (my camera), smell flowers, sigh a lot and breath (very deeply). The people I meet are always extremely friendly and seem to understand the sense of peace I feel. There is no loud music, yelling etc.. just the occasional bark of a dog and the sound of a rake on gravel or peas being picked.

Note: I think it is almost impossible to take a bad picture in a P-Patch... Almost like it is some Digital Camera Bermuda Triangle. So these shots are just a sample of what I saw today.

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suttonhoo said...

oh yay -- such a beautiful montage.