Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Cat is the Devil!

Okay, maybe the title of this post is a little too strong, but if you were in my shoes you might feel the same way.

Out of boredom, spite or demonic possession, my cat has taken to ripping everything off my walls and knocking everything off my shelves.

Often he does it while I am at work. I leave and everything is neat and tidy(as tidy as they get for me), I return and it looks like a massacre of craft supplies. Ribbons lay sprawled and bloody next to molested balls of yarn... and buttons, battered and abused, quiver under masses of shredded postcards. I stifle my sobs and put it all back together but the next day, the massacre is even worse and then, there are the casualties. The scrap book of inspirations photos from my 20's, the quirky shaped box destined to be a future craft project, and the robin's egg blue rug that once glistened on the floor like a soft pool of furry lake water... ALL destroyed by the killer that is Cat pee.... WHY WHY WHY... I feed him, I love him, I clean his box, I even let him do unspeakable things to my arm (that frankly a neutered cat should not do!)

Tonight, he looked right at me as he flung objects off the shelf and at my head. Cat lovers out there, please advise!!!!


suttonhoo said...

I suspect you'll have to quit your day job and devote your energies to his care.

can't be avoided any longer.


Anali said...

LOL! This reminded me of the stories you used to write when you were a kid! ; )

anne bryant said...

Maybe try a Feliway plug in to keep him more mellow during the day.
I feel your pain! One time Otis knocked my flat of (carefully organized by color) beads on the floor spilling them all over. It took forever to reorganize all of them. Cats!

Enyasi said...

Thanks for all the Cat advice. It turns out attention, good or bad is all he wanted. Now when I work on the computer or craft, he must have a place within paws reach to comfortably sit and watch.

PS: Anali, I can't believe you remember those stories I used to write almost 30 years ago :-)