Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm in LOVE!

I love Air Streams and just today, I saw the new Air Stream Base Camp. POW!!!! I am hooked it is the cutest thing and how practical to carry your own little hotel with you as you travel... Okay maybe not, but I am still in love! I would want it towed of course by my trusty VW Bug- I am not sure this is practical... but ooooh so cute. How amazing would it be to road trip across the country in this cute little trailer... sigh xoxoxo


suttonhoo said...


I never should have clicked through to the floor plan.

so. in. love.

p.s. really love your new header. :)

Enyasi said...

So glad you loved the airstream... want to go camping when I finally buy it (in late 2040).... :-)