Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What happens when you don't see Avatar...

When Avatar first came out in the theaters the hype surrounding it was overwhelming.  Friends told me I had to see it, the news media said I had to see it, complete strangers told me I had to see it and did I see it?  NOPE!  Now I am a total Science Fiction nut, so you would think I would join the rush wait in line and blow my mind 3D style.    It came out and stranger than strange, I had no interest.  As a result months of jokes, parodies and cultural references went over my head. Finally stuck in a hospital room on bed rest, I  decided I could sit through the movie (being literally tied to a bed  with an IV).  I really liked it, although did not see why it deserved all the the attention.  Granted I did not see it in 3D, but it was good , but not the mind trip I had been led to believe.  (If you want a SciFi mind trip, see Moon )  At any rate, now that I have seen it, all the parodies and jokes make sense.  Below is my current favorite, although a little offensive. 

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