Sunday, July 25, 2010

Have Moby Will Travel

The last few weeks we have really been able to enjoy going out with Haven.  We have been to lunch, the mall, the beach, grocery shopping and walks, all thanks to the Moby.  When my awesome Doula first told me about the Moby wrap, I thought there was no way on earth I would be able to fold that long piece of fabric into a wearable carrier safe enough to carry my beloved child.  Just a few weeks later I am an avid Moby user.  Haven and I wear the Moby around the house, so she can sleep and chill, while I eat, blog, read, watch TV or brush my teeth.  At the grocery store, I can actually shop and even push a cart.  The Moby is my go to tool when Haven is fussy and just needs to be close to me.  When she is bigger and can hold her head up, I will move her to a sling, but for now the Moby is like my third arm.  The material is so soft and warm; I even bought her a Moby blanket and matching hat for our stroller excursions.

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