Monday, January 5, 2009

The real reason people use fabric book covers..

Have you ever seen those fabric paperback covers people supposedly use to carry their books and protect them from damage... This is a lie, the real use it to hide the book from prying eyes and protect the dignity of the reader. I don't have a paperback cover and really I don't give a &%$ about dignity when it comes to my choice of stories (film or page)... so that leads me to my current read, Moon Called by Patrica Briggs.

It is one of those books one would envision finding on a cross country bus trip in the bathroom of some dilapidated truck stop... and of course you would read it only because you were stuck on a bus for 40 hours... but no, I picked up the book of my own free will, and even payed full price for it... Shape shifting mechanics, vampires, werewolves and fae (fairy folk) all staged in the exciting Tri City area of Eastern Washington.. (By the way, why do so many stories of alien abduction, government made mutations , werewolves and vampires take place in the Pacific Northwest?.. Does everyone know something I don't ...)

Anyways, reading this book is, I imagine, like having sex on the bathroom floor with some hot stranger...(most likely in the same rest stop one would find this book.).... Immensely satisfying, rather unsanitary and just a little dangerous... (NOTE: I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS, JUST SAYING FOR THE SAKE OF COMPARISON)

The danger inherent in reading this book, is that I will probably read the sequel and with great lines such as "Being Submissive is a Bitch", how can I not...


Anonymous said...

Oh my god. We have so much more to talk about.


suttonhoo said...

re unsanitary, it's like what woody allen says about sex: if it isn't dirty, you're doing it wrong.


Enyasi said...

Why am I not surprised Woody Allen0 would say that... Thanks guys ;-

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