Sunday, August 16, 2009

With Weekends Like This, Who Needs a Vacation

My weekend started with fresh strawberries from my garden and just kept getting better. Saturday, I found the most amazing fabric (a faux fur that is to die for... picture and project details to come). From there I went to PFI, a Mediterranean market (bought PG Tips tea, Raspberry licorice and Spanish smoked Paprika). Lunch at the Macrina Cafe in SODO (below).

The evening spent at the documentary Objectify with a friend and my partner. Dinner at Boom Noodles and for dessert, Cupcake love.

Sunday back to the Macrina cafe with friends, the garden store for oregano and orange honeysuckle (this is the only picture that does it justice) and gardening with the puppies all afternoon long. And finally dinner, where my salmon with a panko crust and lemon butter sauce came out so perfect, I almost cried.....


Anali said...

Love these pictures. It sounds like you had a great weekend. I wish they could all be like this! ; )

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing you too!


Anonymous said...


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