Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Food History

I love food and am a big believer that what we eat directly influences our health. A Little glimpse of my food history, I grew up on the East Coast eating rich, calorie laden foods and lots of junk food. Vegetables were mainly corn, carrots, baked potatoes, and cole slaw. The food tasted great, but perhaps was not the best for me.

I moved to Seattle in my twenties and became a vegetarian (sometimes Vegan). It was easy to eat healthy in Seattle and even though I was still overweight, a vegetarian diet and daily 3 mile walks left me in some of the best health I have experienced.

Fast forward to grad school in Michigan, my vegetarian diet is comprised mainly of Captain Crunch cereal and chick peas. My hair falls out, I look sick all the time and I feel terrible. I eventually start eating meat, but only manage to make myself sick.

Back in Seattle and many years later, I eat pretty well, fresh vegetables, lots of organics, meat, fish and tofu. I cook often and love to experiment with food. I am not at the optimum health place I was at in my twenties, but I have some good ideas of how I can get there.

And finally to my point, I sometimes wonder where I would be if I learned to eat healthy from day one. That is why I am so excited to see that Michelle Obama is such an advocate for healthy eating. From the New York Times: Michelle Obama's Agenda Includes Healthful Eating

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