Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mon Petit Chou

One of my goals is to learn to speak French. I love the French, I love France and I love French. You could say anything in French and it sounds just lovely. For instance, votre chien a uriné sur le tapis sounds so nice when in fact it means your dog has urinated on the carpet. I am so happy to have found the French Word of a Day widget.


Style and Inspiration said...

I feel the same way about Italian. I would like to learn some French too, but don't want to confuse things too much since I'm working on Italian.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a lovely blog here!

anne bryant said...

Do you know Flight of the Conchords?
Your post made me think of this one:

Enyasi said...

Good luck with your Italian...I think perhaps it is all the romance languages that sounds so good. And thanks for the post, I love your blog!

Enyasi said...

Thanks for Flight of Conchords... it was hysterical.. I am watching all of them now..

Anali said...

I love that widget too! You might like these too.


And I love your new header! : )