Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Scary Little Tale...

Once upon a time a government paid farmers to grow cheap crops during the war and lean times. Let’s say this crop was corn. The farmers were actually paid money, call subsidies to stop growing other crops (mainly those for human consumption) and focus on corn. Eventually times changed but the corn kept coming. Those with influence (let’s call them lobbyist and corporations) persuaded the government that it was in everyone’s best interest to keep up the production of corn. The problem was none of the public really wanted it that much.

But then, someone came up with a brilliant terrible idea. What if we could somehow change the corn into something else, something that could be put in everything without anyone noticing and would save corporations money by making food impervious to spoilage and so sweet it was mildly addictive? They worked long and hard and came up with a substance made from corn that did everything they wanted.

Flash forward a decade or two and the new substance that everyone ate (let’s call it corn syrup) was suddenly causing people to be sick. Food was no longer helping people, but causing all kinds of disorders, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and autism.

The people who created the problem were panicked for only a second and then someone came up with another brilliant terrible idea. What if we tell everyone it is not the food, but rather their need for medication. We can start companies to help cure all the disease and make trillions. So they did just that. The money rolled in and things were great.

Until one day people began to suspect there really was something wrong with the food. The people, who created the problem, didn’t even panic this time. Things had worked so well with the medicine; they just decided to play along. “Gosh they cried, you are right there is something wrong with the food, but not to worry we can help. See we can make the same food with no Trans fat (which by the way we invented and stuck in the food in the first place), we can call the food all natural (which means nothing because we own the FDA) and we can say the food is low fat and no sugar added (which is really just semantics, because we have added even more corn syrup).” Great the people cried and they bought even more of the poisoned food. Eventually, the people were still getting sick, so the people who created the problem told them “why you just need more medication”. Of course the people believed this until….

Want to know what happens? I don't!!!! Which is why I am eating not just healthy but smart. The easiest way to eat smart, is to use the rule of grandmothers... Which is...

If a grandmother wouldn't cook with it than neither should you!

I am working on making this more eloquent, but basically... An Italian grandmother might use fresh herbs, capers and olive oil, so you can too. A Chinese grandmother, might use ginger, lemon grass and pea vines... so you can too.. and so on and so on... If you can't imagine someone's grandmother cooking with it than don't use it.. This rules out most processed ingredients, such as Splenda, Corn Syrup, Malodextrin and grain alcohol. And means you are eating food that are healthier and better for you... Would love feedback on my idea, what do you think?


Anali said...

What you're saying makes a lot of sense. I do confess to using Splenda though.

anne bryant said...

Nicely put! I try to not eat too much packaged and prepared foods, but I do love my peanut butter puffins.

Your story makes me think of advertisers that say things like 'Nothing works better'. They can legally say that because TRULY doing/eating/buying nothing is better that what they are selling!

Enyasi said...

Thanks for the feedback ladies... I talk a good game, but I do occasionally use Splenda and evil of evils, I love Tootsie Rolls. The best anyone can hope to do is moderation... But I personally think that the Government and Industries need to acknowledge their parts in the whole food mess. :-)

Biggie-Z said...

Stumbled across your blog and I love it!

Have you been reading The Omnivore's Dilemma? It has really changed my life. Ok, I still eat sort of like crap but I am avoiding the corn-byproducts as much as possible.

I have a (white) friend who won't eat white food because, as he puts it, "any white food is processed." I think with the exception of white asparagus and mushrooms, he's right.

Adding you to my blogroll,