Thursday, February 7, 2008

My "Not So " Secret Super Hero Fetish

I love, I mean LOVE superheroes. Something about righting wrongs, good vs evil, fragile humanity encased in super human power and flashy costumes. I am a super hero groupie. I watch Smallville and Heroes, have a secret hoard of Marvel comics and seriously want to name my first child, Thor. In fact I made my first superhero cape for my nephew this Christmas and I am definitely making one for myself, as soon as my craft room is set up. (maybe it will be more like a Superhero apron.. )

But where did this seemingly harmless obsession begin..... Journey back with me to yesteryear... a small child huddled in front of the TV (for far too long) on Saturday mornings..

Watching: (Thanks to You Tube for providing these flash backs: Click on title for video intro)

Mighty Isis

This was my all time favorite. In fact, at one time I wanted to be an archaeologist, because I was sure if I discovered an enchanted relic, I too could be a Superhero. Plus I loved her outfit. oooh and the jewelry!


Almost made RVing seem cool. I really only watched this show, because sometimes they would have guest appearances with Isis. I remembering wondering just where were his parents and why did no one seem to object to the fact he never went to school.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl
Second career aspiration, I would become a magazine writer(just like Electra Woman) and use it as my secret identity in my fight against crime. And I loved the outfits. This show also had the best theme song.

Bigfoot and Wild Boy

All I can say, the Pacific NW is a lot nicer than pictured in this show and 15 years in Seattle, I have yet to see Bigfoot.


anne bryant said...

I have a hunch you and I were both running around in our under-roos during the 70s sporting foil bracelets and headbands. :)

suttonhoo said...

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl!

yes. you've hit a vein. deep and true.

and you know that the US Postal Service has got some groovy superhero stamps going on right now, right?

and, in ugly self-promotional fashion, check out this post -- it references a recent piece that speaks to bloggers and their fascination with superheros. ;)

Anali said...

I used to LOVE Mighty Isis!! I was talking to a co-worker about this a few weeks ago. I would say the same words with such intense feeling and be surprised when it didn't work for me. I loved the jewelry too! : )

Enyasi said...

Thanks everyone:

I certainly don't feel alone now, as Suttonhoo said, this is a deep and true vein.

In the remaking of so many super hero movies from our childhood, I often wonder where all the female superheros went... Where is Wonder Woman and my beloved Isis. Maybe it is because we have so many real female superheros.

Still I think every girl should at sometime in her life, step into a pair of underoos, put on a cape, adorn her self in tin foil and run around screaming... Look at me, I am a superhero and I can do anything!!!!