Friday, September 7, 2007

Maps help us find our way...

Whenever I feel a little lost, I consult a map. And if a map does not exist for the place I want to go then I create one. The map, I am speaking of, is a sort of metaphor for getting from the place you are in your life, to the place you want to be. I have made these maps for as long as I can remember and they have been immensely helpful in helping me find my way.

Life Map Tutorial

  1. You will need scissors, magazines, a glue stick and some sort of poster board. I normally cut one of the large size poster boards in half. Now a word about magazines... select magazines that contain pictures that speak to you or inspire you. I also like catalogs, particularly ones that contain items I frequently drool over, or lifestyles I covet.

  2. In selecting images, it is a map not a gift list, so focus on more than just objects you would like to own. I like words, views, colors, and especially facial expressions.

  3. Don't limit yourself to printed material. I often find myself incorporating buttons, single earrings, ribbons and wrapping paper. Anything can trigger an emotion, I once found myself inspired by a napkin.(I kept it for years, I swear it was the softest disposable napkin I ever saw... it made me think of practical indulgence.)

  4. Arrange items on the paper until you have a pattern you like. If you are a perfectionist or have other issues, give yourself 15 minutes to arrange things and then just glue it all down.

  5. Place your finished life map in a prominent area where you can reflect on it daily. Ask yourself: What does this map say about where I want to go? What do I need to do right now to get there? I have found these maps quite good at seeing me out of hard or depressing times.

It is amazing how when you know which direction to go you can find your way out of hard times.


Anali said...

I like your life map! Great idea! Although real maps, that require a sense of direction are of no use to me. I have to get written instructions.

seaoutof said...

I love your life map! I've always enjoyed hearing you talk about this.