Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Dad's Gift

Just stumbled across a wonderful post about my Dad on Anali's Blog . Has me wishing I could see my father's exhibit at KALEIDOSCOPE - A Child's Face (Infinitely Varying and Constantly Changing) at JPLicks in Boston. I love living in Seattle, but sometimes I feel like I am missing out on some of the best moments with my family back east.

The thing I love most about my father's portraits is that he is so good at capturing more than just visual information. You look at one of his photos and you can see the personality of the person. You know instantly if they are playful, mischievous, sad or inquisitive.

My father is funny, witty, brilliant but slightly introverted. I think his skill at photography comes from his ability to sit back and observe others and the world. Some people are very good at speaking, others at listening... I feel that my father is a master of observation, something that directly translates into his photography.

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Anali said...

We miss you too! I'm looking forward to seeing your Dad and the rest of the family at the pot-luck!