Monday, January 15, 2007

Scattered Snow Showers

It is winter in Seattle and like every one here my thoughts have turned to … California, New Mexico, Carolinas, Hawaii, Florida… Pretty much any state I can imagine with a seasonal low of no more than 50 degrees.

Our weather so far has included 10 inches of rain, ice, hail, lightening, falling trees, power outages, snow(we don’t have plows) and biting cold. In a word, Suckage!!!! I am pretty sure that we have angered some higher deity and suspect that only an elected official jumping in a volcano will restore order.(I have a list of officials in mind)

In the midst of all this merriment, the history channel decides to air a selection of shows on disasters to remind us in the Pacific Northwest that if the weather does not get us, the earthquakes and Tsunamis (both of which we are over due) surely will.

In fact I am pretty sure that if it weren’t for the collective amnesia all of us in the PNW experience on the first warm sunny day, Seattle would have been abandoned long ago.

So I wait for the spring to warm the earth and melt away all memory of winter. In the meantime, I drink lots of tea, eat oodles of chocolate(got to keep the serotonins up) and compile my list of officials to sacrifice to the angry winter deities…

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