Friday, April 24, 2009

AHA Moments

In my day dreams, I frequently imagine myself living in some quirky quaint seaside town... some place quiet and small, but close to a major city. Some place with lots of trees, where I could walk on the beach and watch the ocean. I looked on the maps, entertained ideas about faraway places and finally conceded that it was after all... just a day dream.

Last weekend, on our return flight from San Francisco, we had to circle before landing. We flew over this beautiful peninsula of trees and houses surrounded by water. Just as I realized what it was, I also realized it was my daydream. The peninsula was my hometown of West Seattle, a quiet little part of Seattle surrounded by water.

I have spent so much time looking for that perfect place, I didn't realize that where I live right now is pretty damn wonderful. I am closely looking at other areas of my life, that I might have overlooked in my pursuit of perfect. I suspect that embracing what I have and not desiring a day dream is the key to happiness... AHA!