Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What would Coco do?

So if clothes make the Woman, than imagine my shock at realizing that lately, I have been dressing like a Hobbit... Now, before I am spammed by the People for Ethical Treatment of Hobbits, let me go on record saying "There is nothing wrong with looking like a Hobbit, it is just not for me!" To be honest, I saw it coming.

  • The crop pants were just so damn comfortable and never needed hemming, than why not buy 5 pairs.
  • If one white t-shirt is great than 10 must be awesome and really so what if they are stained you where shirts over them anyway...
  • A summer vest professionalizes any outfit, even a stained white t-shirt and cropped pants
  • Mixing patterns and textures is a sign of your refusal to conform and thus a good thing
  • A boldly colored scarf is a whimsical nod to my heritage... even if it is 80's floral
and thus... the transformation to Hobbit is complete...

(Not actual picture of the blogger, but pretty damn close!)

Solution... (Not admitting to actually watching Lifetime TV, but maybe absorbing over acted Coco Chanel Biopic as I cruised channels *being fair.. it was not so bad*) I have decide to look to Coco Chanel as my design inspiration... With a little modification... I will not be chain smoking until I can fit into a size 4, nor will I be wearing any clothing with gold chains or ostrich feathers... and double stranded pearls aren't my thing.... Really, imagine if Coco Chanel shopped at Target and Lands End and lived in Seattle ... yup that is the look... classy, stylish comfort (hold the Hobbit)..

So what would Coco do when faced with my closet? After vomiting, she would promptly throw most of it out (donating such fashion don't is cruel to people in need) and then she would click her way over to Land's End (who have rocked the basics with their Fall collection) and order these....

Thank you Land's End and Coco for rescuing me from the Shire...

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anne bryant said...

Ok, well if you're a hobbit then I'm Pippi Longstockings or maybe Punky Brewster. Who says I'm too old for striped socks?!
Eddie Bauer has a pretty good fall catalogue too. :)