Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Growing Plans

Last year I had a small and demure vegetable garden in raised wooden beds. Onions, lettuce, garlic, beets, peas, radishes and some of the saddest tomatoes I have even seen.

This year, bigger beds, made of brick not wood and tons of amended soil are the base of my new garden plans. Peas, carrots, fennel, beets, lettuces, onions, potatoes, chard, beans, artichokes and leeks will be joined by amazing tomatoes (thanks to recently learned "secret" tomato growing techniques). Needless to say, I have been busy!

Next to a pen and paper, my favorite tool for garden planning is Microsoft PowerPoint. I can create a scale plan and change it multiple times with just a few clicks. Here is my most recent plan.

My one goal this year, to take more pictures and document the progress of my little plot. Stay Tuned for "Before Photos".


suttonhoo said...

yay -- I need to make plans to visit during tomato harvesting season. :)

& p.s. you might like visio too -- it's a little bit more facile to work with, and it comes with all kinds of cool templates. ;)

Anali said...

I'm so excited about your garden! Can't wait for more photos! ; )

Enyasi said...

Hi Everyone- Stayed tuned for more pictures.