Saturday, November 3, 2007


Our beautiful boy Linus passed away this week and we feel lost and full of sadness once again... My partner and I have dealt with some really big losses in the last few years, most recent her father earlier this summer. Throughout it all the dogs have been a constant comfort, reminding us to laugh and love no matter how bad we felt.

Linus has been with us for 9 years and part of me just assumed he would always be there. I take comfort knowing that we spoiled him rotten, that he never wanted for kisses, chest rubs, new toys, homemade food, and a warm bed (our warm bed).

I believe that pets are angels and we are blessed for every moment we get to love them. Our vet said Linus was a "once in a lifetime" dog and I am thankful for that "once in a lifetime" chance I had to love and be loved by such a wonderful friend.

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Anali said...

I'm so sorry about Linus. I'm glad for the time that you were able to spend with him.