Saturday, April 22, 2006


Where has April gone? More importantly where have I been? April has been this amazing month of passage for me. Passage from one career to another. Passage from safety and security to the unknown. Passage from a stagnant reality to a dream filled future.

Amidst all this passage, I made a wonderful discovery... Mindfulness, basically being in the present moment. (Better definition) When I was in college, I would often go to this amazing arboretum by my dorm and spend an hour or so walking around and looking at the trees. I would always end up at the stream watching herons with their slow dance or leaves floating and dancing on the water. I found so much peace there.. In fact I am sure this twice weekly habit was responsible for me surviving grad school with a full time job. At any rate, I was sure the magic was in the place, not in my actions. Then lo and behold while reading a blog(of course), I realize that the peace I experienced was from mindfulness... something I can do anytime and where.

I immediately set out to do 10 minutes a day.. Which I have revised to 5 minutes a day.. (Hard for me to sit still that long) I hope to work it up to longer time.. but so far I have discovered it is not the amount of time but the act. In short, mindfulness is like the Buddhist form of natural Prozac or Xanax.

I breathe, I sit, I am still, I see, I hear, I breathe, no judgment, I just am.... and for however long I do it, I am good enough.. stress free, judgment free and perfect..


suttonhoo said...

thanks. I needed this.

Anonymous said...

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